Baby Christine

Christine McMahon is a vibrant Storyteller with an international reputation. She has a love of traditional folktales, particularly those with a link to her Northern roots. Born in Lancashire, living in Yorkshire, her ready wit and warm manner , mixed with a dollop of Northern grit make her a unique performer who tells tales close to home even when she is far away!

Not only a performer, Christine has a unique talent for improvisational Storymaking, guiding audiences of any age to have the confidence to create stories from their own imaginations. 
Christine is a member of Shaggy Dog Storytelling Club, recognised as one of the most successful and long running clubs in England.

About Christine

Born to a Lancashire father and a Yorkshire mother. Christine has lived her life on both sides of the crags, "where the rocks of Lancashire and Yorkshire frown in close but harmless proximity."
She believes that storytelling is the thread that has linked all her work in the last 15 years in drama, psychology, dramatherapy and now, in the Youth Justice System.

Christine is involved in a wide range of storytelling projects and performance workshops in settings ranging from Prisons to schools and nurseries. Christine is interested in developing international links to support storytelling development and stories for use with Restorative Justice.